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18 refusal reasons for Canada visa application

When applying for a visa to come to Canada, no one wants to get a refusal for any reason. But if it happens, you should know the reasons to be well-prepared for the next time.

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The Canadian visa application procedure can be complicated and time-consuming. Nobody likes to invest time and effort into travel or immigration arrangements to get a refusal. There are several reasons why your Canadian visa application may be refused. Here are the top 20 reasons for visa denial and how to avoid the situation.

What are the main reasons?

There is one thing you should know that there are many reasons for visa refusal, depending on different cases. So if you find something related to your situation, do not forget to review your documents again before reapplying for another application.

  1. Proof of Finances: You should have demonstrated that you have sufficient funds for your trip or to stay in Canada
  2. Funds Source: The funds given are not clear.
  3. Lack of employment prospects in your home country: The officers will be skeptical that you would not return to your home country after your visa date expired.
  4. Not submit adequate and accurate supporting papers: You must provide all the supporting documents for your application to be successful.
  5. Purpose of Visit: There was an insufficient explanation of the purpose for traveling to Canada.
  6. Failure to explain the reason for the trip: When applying for a visa, it is critical to explain why you apply and how long you want to remain.
  7. Travel History: If you have never been outside of your native country, your application will have fewer chances to get a visa than those who have.
  8. Current job situation: A lack of employment may jeopardize your prospects of approval.
  9. Family ties: Failure to have direct family members back home may result in a rejection.
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10. Length of stay: People who declare on their application that they want to remain for a longer amount of time typically need a lot of money.

11. Fraud documents: If your document does not appear to be authentic, you will be denied and may have difficulty reapplying due to a lack of credibility.

12. Overstaying status in Canada or any other country: If you have overstayed your visa in Canada or another country, your chances of acceptance will be reduced.

13. Applicant’s purpose or application is not persuasive: You must persuade the officer of your good intentions in your application.

14. Giving incorrect or misleading information. It may result in a denial as well as a prohibition on reapplying.

15. Personal Properties: The absence of properties such as a home, vehicles, or companies in your home nation may jeopardize your ability to demonstrate links to your home country.

16. The financial status of the Canadian host: A lack of supporting documents from the Canadian host may also be a factor in the denial of your visa application.

17. Illegal Status in the Nation of Residence: If you are residing unlawfully in another country, Canada is unlikely to trust that you will follow Canadian laws and regulations.

18. Failure to satisfy health standards: Serious health problems that may endanger others or place a financial burden on Canadian taxpayers may result in a visa denial.

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What to do after receiving a refusal letter?

Many refusal cases can reapply to get a visa. If your application failed for the first or second time, you should stay calm and find solutions to overcome the situation. Here is what you should do:

  • Obtain the note of refusal from the officers and make sure you understand the note
  • Have a consultation from Admission Hub to figure out the reasons why your application failed
  • Prepare all the documents you have. Make a checklist of all the required documents and supported documents
  • Apply again when you are sure about your information and do not forget to have a double check on your application.

If you couldn’t get the approval for studying or working visa in Canada, there is another way you can consider to make the process faster. Admission Hub provides a service to help tourist change their visa status inside Canada without leaving the country. If you got denied on your application in your country, you can travel to Canada under a visitor visa and then change the status after entering the country. It is important to enter Canada under a visitor visa before changing visa status to a study visa. Admission Hub has been helping hundreds of international students changing Visitor Status to Study Permit. We have even helped applicants who were previously refused 3 times from an overseas Canadian Embassy and successfully applied for a Canadian study permit inside Canada.

Even though the percentage of Canada visa refusal is currently high, but the number of successful cases after reapplies process is even higher. It means that if your application failed and you know the reasons and have support from Admission Hub, you still have a chance to get the visa and go to Canada for your studying or working purpose. We have a 98% rate of success for changing visitor visas to study permits. Reach out to us today to get a free consultation (and achieve your Canada dream.

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