Top 3 high-demand courses to get high paying jobs in Canada 2022

Here are the top 3 high-demand courses to get the best-paying jobs in Canada in 2022 and the best Canadian Colleges to get you hired!

Top 3 high-demand courses to get high paying jobs in Canada 2022

There’s a “new normal” in Canada after the global pandemic with the massive shift to remote work, widespread use of digital collaboration tools, new and improved health and safety policies. International students are soon realized there are potential opportunities in the Canadian job market after Covid 19, students are started enrolling in a second course among the high-demand courses in order to get a job in time. Here are the top 3 high-demand courses to get the best-paying jobs in Canada in 2022 and the best Canadian Colleges to get you hired!

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1. Technology and Engineering (NOC 0213)

Companies that were previously limited in their ability to allow employees to work from home have become more reliant on computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213)

Many companies intend to implement telework for the long term. Also, more virtual services such as e-commerce, medical appointments, job fairs and others could call for more IT workers.

All of these developments are expected to drive up demand for tech professionals as firms adapt to new ways of working.

Get your extra degree in these courses below at the following colleges in Canada:

Sault College: Computer Programmer

Loyalist College: Computer System Technician; Cyber Security; Wireless Information Networking, Wireless Information Networking

Montreal College of Information Technology (MCIT): Networking and Technical Support; Computer Science Technician; Programmer Analysis

Canadore College: Computer Systems – Networking Technician, Civil Engineering – Technician, Mechanical Engineering – Technician; Project Management – Information Technology

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2. Advertising, marketing and public relations managers (NOC 0124)

Although spending on traditional advertising has dropped during the pandemic, which has affected employment, the industry is increasingly going digital. Plus, preliminary budgets suggest companies plan to increase spending on advertising, especially digital ads.

Therefore, there is an increase in job opportunities for those with knowledge of modern technological methods.

Best Colleges in Canada provide Media, Marketing, and Journalism related:

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3. Web designers and developers (NOC 2175)

Throughout the pandemic, the government and other organizations have prioritized case tracking and COVID-19 data analysis. These workers have been involved in much of the COVID-data analysis process.

A continued interest in COVID-19 data and analysis will support these job opportunities.

Furthermore, concerns are high regarding data collection, storage, and management following more demand for virtual health and social services. The shift to online solutions will increase jobs in these occupations.

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