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To be the world’s most trusted, most efficient and most innovative HUB for international students to apply schools.

Admission Hub is committed to helping our clients achieve their academic and personal goals, and to making their transition to Canada as smooth and successful as possible. 

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Our mission is to help people to start or continue their studies in Canada with a high-quality education, succeed and work in Canada like other Canadians.

We promise to help foreign students settle in Canada in a very smooth and hassle-free manner. We aspire to provide trustworthy services to our clients
for their Canadian Visa / Admissions journey 

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Over 5,000 international students in Canada have chosen Admission Hub to Study and Live in Canada.


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Is Visitor Visa to Study Permit still possible in Canada 2024?

Introduction The path to studying in Canada has seen significant changes in 2024, especially regarding study permit allocations. Understanding these updates is crucial for individuals planning to convert their visitor visa to study permit in Canada. Today, we delve into the details of the Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) requirement and

Senior Education Consultant Position

Senior Education Consultant Position Key Responsibilities: Offer guidance and solutions to international students changing status regarding their higher education pathways, ensuring informed decision-making. Provide personalized advice and assistance to students changing status throughout the enrollment journey via various communication channels. Create and execute social media marketing campaigns targeting prospective students in Toronto, utilizing platforms

10+ Years Of Experience

Our Senior Leadership team has over 10 years of experience in Admission & Visa Services. Assisted over 3000 clients to personalize their life changing journey in Canada.

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