Air Canada offers a special promotion for international students in Canada

To welcome back international students after the pandemic. On this special occasion, Air Canada provides a 10% off promotional code (Flex and Latitude) for international students who bought the ticket by November 30, 2022

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1. Special discount for Global University Systems for International Students

  • Valid from International to Canada (excluding Asia and Australia)
  • Travel is permitted until December 31, 2022
  • Flexible Fare – waive 1-time change fee or refund for visa refusal, must provide proof of denial
  • Valid on Air Canada marketed flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express
  • Go to Air Canada’s website ( and enter the promotional code (contact us to get the code) in the Promotion Code box at the bottom of the far search page

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2. Air Canada’s Student Flight Pass

Air Canada provides students in Canada the pre-paid package of four or six one-way flight credits that serve the needs of students to visit family and friends during school breaks:

  • You can use the Flight Pass for 12 or 15 months following the purchase date
  • You must provide a valid student ID and an Aeroplan membership
  • You can book up until 2 hours before your flight
  • Price per flight credit is guaranteed
  • Visit the Air Canada website to learn more about their Flight Pass zone

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3. Why study in Canada?

Canada has been a favourite study destination for international students all over the globe. Canada is full of opportunities, you can make the most of your experience here. Once you became a student in Canada, you are allowed to work on- and off-campus jobs, have internships, and do co-op placements. You and your spouse or partner can gain valuable experience in the Canadian workforce:

  • High quality and affordable education
  • Get PGWP and work inside Canada for up to 3 years
  • Gain enough work experience and become a Permanent Resident in Canada


Interviewed by Apple Daily newspapers and Epochal Times

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