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Applying for PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) in Canada

In order to apply you must meet the following requirements: You must have continuously studied in a full-time program of study in Canada, with the exception of your last academic semester You must apply for a work permit within 90 days of receiving written confirmation from your institution indicating that you have met the requirements for completing your academic program (for example, a transcript or an official letter –see below). Your study permit must be valid at the time of application. IMPORTANT!  The date of completion of your academic program is NOT the same as the date of convocation (your graduation ceremony).  Do NOT wait until convocation to apply, as convocation may occur more than 90 days after you have completed the requirements for your program. PLEASE NOTE: You can only apply for a PGWP once in your lifetime. If you plan to complete more than 1 degree/diploma/certificate in Canada, consider carefully when it would be most strategic to take advantage of this one-time opportunity.   Proof of Completion of Program Requirements IMPORTANT: If you were part-time in your final term of studies only, you must upload a proof of graduation letter (see below) and an official transcript indicating full-time enrolment in all terms prior to your final term. If you have a gap in your studies, or if you were part-time in a semester other than your final term, we recommend that you speak to an Immigration Advisor before applying for your PGWP. Your degree is officially granted once McGill Senate has met. After Senate has met to confirm your graduation, you can generate a letter directly from Minerva that confirms that you have met all the requirements to graduate (Minerva: Student Menu > Student Records > Letters-Proof of Enrolment)   Please note that you can only request this exceptional letter once: your final grades have been posted on Minerva OR your final thesis/project has been accepted by your department.   How to Apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit You can apply for a post graduation work permit, Online OR At a Port of Entry (Terrestrial/Land Border* or Airport) *Canada/US terrestrial border (Lacolle/Champlain, St. Armand/Phillipsburg, or Stanstead) Applying At a Port of Entry: To be eligible to apply at the border, you must be TRV-exempt* *Even if you were required to have a TRV/Entry Visa to enter Canada, you are TRV-exempt if you are traveling only to the US and back with a valid Study Permit or Work Permit – see IRPA Section 190 (3) (f)).  Please note, however, that not all agents are familiar with this.....

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ILAC (English)

    International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) 920 Yonge St, 4 th Floor, Toronto Bloor-Yonge 7 minutes on foot 416-961-5151 http://www.ilac.com Establishment 1997 Number of students 2,000 (summer)    1,500 (winter) Number of instructors 100  Number of classrooms 100  Number of students per class Average 13    Maximum 17   staff Yes Nationality Ratio Japan Korea Asia Arab Latin America Europe Other Summer 16% 14% 7% Ten% 30% 14% 9% Winter 11% 13% Four% 14% 34% 13% 11% School facilities · Lounge · Microwave oven · Vending machine · Activity information center · Advancement consultation window · PC (100 units or more) · Wi-Fi course · Basic English (ESL) Level 1-17 · Speaking · Business English · TOEFL · IELTS · Cambridge · TESOL · UPP · University Preparation Course · Night Course · IELTS Official Examination Site  School Promotion  Free quotation  LINE consultation One of the most popular language schools in Canada International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) is an international language school with students from over 75 countries. ILAC keeps each nationality below 30% to maintain diverse learning space. A variety of programs satisfy needs of students from beginner’s to advanced level, and ILAC helps students enrich learning experience through seamless support system and extracurricular activities. ILAC ‘s ESL program is divided into 17 levels, and we can respond to a wide range of students from beginner to advanced level. It also offers specialized programs such as University Pathway Program, IELTS and TOEFL, test preparation courses such as Cambridge, English teacher course, GAP Year program at affiliated colleges. General English program which can be chosen from two courses, Intensive English and Power English, is especially popular among working holiday students.  In ILAC, counselors from all over the world correspond to the native languages of more than 90% of the students. Its extensive support system helps you stress-free study abroad life. Thus, ILAC is a school where beginner of English study can attend without frustration. In addition, English Only Policy at ILAC offers a leaning environment where students are encourages each other to speak and learn English both inside and outside the classroom.  Extracurricular activities are also an substantial part of ILAC, and sports tournament and sightseeing events are organized almost every day. Take advantage of these opportunities and make multinational friends outside your classroom!  ILAC Toronto has a total of 4 campuses in the heart of downtown. Both school buildings are close to Bloor-Yonge and Bay subway stations, so you can enjoy shopping, dining and musicals.....