Canada issued 450,000 Study Permits in 2021

450,000 Canadian Study Permits issued in 2021

study permit in Canada

Canada just break the record set in 2019, when almost 450,000 new study permits were issued in 2021. The data shows that Canada is on its way to recovering the economy and opening the border for international students after the pandemic.

Study Permit in Canada

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The new study permit record in Canada

The new record is undoubtedly higher than the previous year, before COVID-19, only 400,000 new study permits were issued in a year. Additionally, the figure went down to just over 255,000 new study permits in 2020. According to CIC News, the number of study permits issued in 2021 was double compared to the number in 2015. Indian and Chinese students account for most of the study permit holders in Canada. 

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that just in the period between July and August 2021, over 200,000 new study permits took effect before the academic term started. The international student population has nearly recovered to the pre-pandemic level. On December 31, 2021, Canada had 622,000 international students in the country

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Reasons for the increase in study permits issued

Since the pandemic had set various regulations that prevented foreign nationals to enter Canada, it affected a huge amount of students who had not come to the country. As IRCC previously announced on October 20, 2022, that only international students who registered in the institution on DLI list (with the government-approved COVID-19 readiness plan) could enter Canada.

However, as the situation is getting better, Canada is easing the travel restriction which allows more students to come to the country. Moreover, the update in Post-Graduate Work Permit rules encourage students to come and stay in Canada for longer.

News for Express Entry – a road to permanent residency

Moreover, there is also a piece of good news coming in for the support of economic-class immigrants. Starting in July, the Express Entry draws for skilled workers (CEC, FSWP, FSTP) will resume normally.

In recent months, IRCC has been speeding up its processing process. In the first quarter of 2022, Canada already issued more than 100,000 work permit applications, which is double the number issued over the same period last year. Looking at last year’s situation, there were more than 157,000 international students who had the chance to become permanent residents with more than 88,000 of them transiting directly from PGWP holders to permanent residency.

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