Canadian Colleges accepting international students without IELTS

It is clearly true that the IELTS exam is important for international students to study in Canada. In this article we will discuss about top Canadian Colleges that accept international students without IELTS to study in Canada.

Canadian Colleges accept international students without IELTS

It is clearly true that the IELTS exam is important for international students to study in Canada. These exams allow students to apply to various schools and universities across Canada. “If you are worrying about your English level then don’t miss out on this article! We will share with you a secret about top Canadian Colleges that accept international students without IELTS to study in Canada.

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Canadian Colleges international students without IELTS

1.How can international students study in Canadian colleges without IELTS?

The alternative way for international students to submit their application to study in Canadian colleges is through University Preparation Program from Western Town College.  This is a pathway program where students will study academic English to develop their integrated skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. They will be taught how to write university essays, summarize articles, do academic research and do oral presentations.

Students who finish three modules (12 weeks) of the programme successfully will be accepted by WTC’s associated colleges without having to take an IELTS exam. Students who wish to apply for a degree program must finish four modules (16 weeks).

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2. Associated Canadian colleges for international students to study without IELTS

Cambrian College @Hanson

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology entered into a licensing agreement with Hanson Canada to form Cambrian at Hanson. With three campus locations, Hanson delivers a selection of Cambrian College programs exclusively to international students.

  • Dedicated to international student only.
  • Employment-friendly courses with Co-Op and Placement.
  • Public college programs PGWP eligible.
  • Various student activities.
  • 2 years courses fast track with competition in 16 months.

Canadian Colleges international students without IELTS

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2.Georgian (ILAC)

Georgian@ILAC is your next step towards an exciting new career in Canada! The public-private partnership combines Georgian College’s experience in postsecondary education with ILAC’s reputation as a global leader in English language training.

  • ILAC has shared an authorized agreement with Georgian, wherein the aspirants can now enjoy studying after enrolling in special Georgian programs at ILAC Toronto.
  • This partnership combines Georgian’s experience and excellent reputation in postsecondary education, with ILAC’s solid reputation as a leading language school with an exciting downtown Toronto location.
  • Georgian @ ILAC offers PGWP Programs
  • Only about ~ CAD $17,500/year

Canadian Colleges international students without IELTS

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3.St.Lawrence College (Alpha College)

St.Lawrence College offers high-quality education in a student-friendly environment, designed to welcome international students. Students will also have the benefits of receiving a diploma from a well-recognized institution in the province of Ontario, experience Toronto’s multicultural environment. International Students choose Alpha College (affiliate with St. Lawrence College) because of the following reasons:

  • Graduated students will eligible for up to three-year Post-graduation Work Permit (Only Program at Alpha College of Business and Technology – St. Lawrence College)
  • The College’s location is easy to access to public transportation, restaurants, and banking
  • Affordable tuition fees and convenient payment options

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4.Niagara College Toronto (TSOM) 

Niagara College -Toronto ensures that students are accessible to high standards of instruction and student services. Its prime location gives students the opportunity to get in contact with top employers for field placements as well as networking opportunities. Niagara College provides students with the following key advantages:

  • Eligibility for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) after completion of program.
  • Easily accessible to world class transit system.
  • Prime Location with large number of employment and entertainment opportunities. Walking distance to great cafes, restaurants and other Toronto attractions.
  • Campus located within the Education House Toronto, a 35,000 square foot space of newly renovated classrooms, computer labs, a state-of-the-art auditorium, student lounge, student-run café, and more.

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