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How to Overcome Canada Study Permit Refusal: IRCC Refusals and Appeals

The issuance of study permits is approved at the discretion of Canadian immigration officers. Unfortunately, it is common for a study permit to be refused to a foreign national for various reasons. If a study permit is refused, a visa officer will issue the refusal in a letter outlining the grounds for refusal. In this blog post, we will explore some strategies and options for international students who have faced study permit refusal while in Canada.

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Visitor Visa to Study Permit in Canada: Apply for Study Permit while visiting – Canada Admission Hub

Wondering how to change your visitor visa to a study permit in Canada? Explore the process of applying for a study permit within Canada as a visitor. Learn about converting visitor visa to student visa, requirements, and more!

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Visitors in Canada : Work Permit vs Study Permit which one should I apply?​

Planning to study in Canada and wondering about the different immigration pathways available? One common route is to initially obtain a work visa and then transition to a study permit. This process often involves a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is a critical component of the immigration process. In this article, we will discuss the transition from a work visa to a study permit, focusing on LMIA.

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Convert Your Visitor Visa to Study Permit: Apply to Toronto Colleges While in Canada

Are you on a visitor visa and interested in studying in Canada? The good news is that you can change your visitor visa to a study permit by applying to Toronto colleges while in Canada. Not only does this save you the hassle of returning to your home country to apply, but it also allows you to explore the vibrant city of Toronto while studying at some of the top institutions in the country.

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Colleges in Montreal are no longer eligible for PGWP

Are you an international student who is planning to study or currently studying in Montreal then this article is for you. Do you know that changes are coming to the PGWP program in Montreal. In this article we break down all the PGWP changes and what they could mean for you. From new rules to the list of DLIs, we cover it all so that you can be prepared for what's to come.