How can I change my Visitor visa to Study Permit in Canada at the age of 40s?

When Natalia Ducard arrived in Canada as a tourist and got stuck because of COVID restrictions, she started finding ways to change her visitor status to student. Initially, she was keen on making the whole application independently but got completely lost through the process. She then took Google to check for an agency that would help her and chanced upon the website of Admission Hub. She booked an appointment and got an interview with an Admission Hub representative.

1. How do they change his Visitor Visa to Study Permit in Canada?

After assessing her case and eligibility, Admission Hub helped Natalia get accepted into a one-year international business program at Niagara College. She was approved for a study permit. But just a few months before finishing her first program, Natalia again contacted Admission Hub to ask for assistance regarding issues about her passport that will affect her status in Canada. Admission Hub was able to suggest the most appropriate option that Natalia can take, which is to get another program which will also make her eligible for a 3-year PGWP. She agreed to take this option, enrolled in a one-year project management program, and processed everything with Admission Hub’s assistance. Her study permit extension was approved once again.



Natalia was truly thankful and satisfied with Admission Hub’s assistance. She highly recommended Admission Hub’s fast response to any inquiry. She loves that whenever she has questions, Admission Hub can instantly respond within an hour through WhatsApp or email. Natalia is also happy that Admission Hub delivers hands-on and personalized approach to their clients such as having a representative that speaks different languages. Truly, Natalia is another success story that proves Admission Hub can make your Canadian journey possible.

2. How to change your visitor visa to study permit?

Visitors inside Canada who wish to apply for a study visa (Study permit) will have to complete a short-term course or program of study that is a prerequisite to enrolling at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). 

  • Apply for an approved program for their enrolling DLI. Admission Hub offers a variety of courses that included co-op programs and not required IELTS scores.
  • Pay the fee for the study permit extension; submit your biometrics. 
  • Fill out the study permit application form (Study Permit Extension IMM 5709). Attach documents: proof of acceptance into an educational institution, proof that you have enough money to support yourself while you’re studying in Canada (~$10,000 CAD for a stronger case), any police certificates that might be needed, and medical exam results (if required).
  • Receive CLOA and finish approved programs
  • Apply for a Student visa

After submitting your application for a study permit online or by mail, wait until you receive confirmation from IRCC before leaving Canada if you plan to travel outside of the country during the process.

Learn more about the process here

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