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Why Choose ILAC?

George Brown College has more than 150 programs focused on career. Besides occupation / skill program, it is a college with a one-year college / university preparation course, online course and various courses. In addition, each program is offered in consultation with Toronto's industry and regional leaders, reflecting the hope of the employer. In addition to being able to acquire the skills to become an immediate fight in finding employment in Canada, the content of the lesson is very practical. Students are more likely to find employment by utilizing the connection between colleges and companies. Because it is a college in the center of downtown, transportation is also good.

  • Thorough practical emphasis program represented by the COOP program
  • Great location, well equipped
  • Preparation course for university in Ontario Province
  • Enhanced various support

Cost: $ 6500 ~ 7500 / term

Popular Courses

It is one of the very popular programs for international students. Both the cooking program and the confectionery program not only learn skills and artistry but also learn elements of business management necessary for starting a restaurant or pastry business himself in the future. Cooking, cakes, etc. made in the class will be sold in the school. In addition, at the exclusive dining spot “The Chef’s House” operated by a student at George Brown College, the chef, the pastry chef, and the server who are studying at the college actually got experience working based on instructor’s guidance.

It is a course aiming at nursery school / kindergarten nursery teacher and Nanny for toddlers, a program that finds employment in Canada where education system is advanced. Many of the programs will include work placement (educational practice) as part of the lesson. With this knowledge necessary for early childhood education, I will accumulate practical experience so that it will become an immediate fighting force after coming to society.

The content of the lesson is practical, we are thinking first of all to train human resources to become an immediate fighting force in each company in Toronto. It is aimed at acquiring practical knowledge as a social worker with a wide range of approaches and acquiring professional and practical knowledge and experience through Co – op and various workshops.


Full-Time Courses

Let's check the full time courses at George Brown College

Part-Time Courses

Let's check the part time courses at George Brown College

92% Companies are satisfied with George Brown Graduates


Is there a scholarship?

George Brown College offers scholarships for international students.Please confirm the condition from the following link

From which station is it closer?

Because George Brown is a college in downtown, transportation is comparatively convenient.

After getting off at Dupont Station, Casa Loma Campus will arrive in about 4 minutes on foot.

The main campus in Saint James is about 10 minutes on foot from King Subway Station.

Do I need to join insurance on my own?

 Since insurance fee is included in tuition fee once a year, you do not need to join yourself.

George Brown College's Co-op program

The following link is the type of Co – op program provided by George Brown College.

If I do not have IELTS, how do I enter a college?

Besides IELTS, you will receive a Pathway course at a language school or take a test from a school. Or you will take ESL courses provided by College.

Italian cuisine advanced courses, food nutrition courses to train nutritionists, sommeliers and pastries and other food related programs are also substantial. In addition, tourism (Hospitality & Tourism Center) has large-scale training facilities and the number of subjects is Canada’s largest.

George Brown College Details:

St. James Campus :

200 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 3W8

Casa Loma Campus:

160 Kendal Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1M3

Waterfront Campus: 

51 Dockside Dr, Toronto, ON M5A 1B6

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