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Extend Study Permit to Stay as a Student

If you want to study in Canada longer, you must apply online to extend your study permit before it expires. You should apply to extend your study permit at least 30 days before your current permit expires. However, we recommend you apply more than 30 days before it expires.

Apply online to extend study permit to stay as a student

1. What is a Study Permit?

A Canadian study permit allows students to study, stay and obtain a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada, as long as their status as a student in a designated learning institution (DLI) is valid. 

2. What is the expiration date on the Study Permit mean?

The expiration date on your study permit indicates when you must stop studying. This date may be the duration of:

  • your program, plus 90 additional days
  • pre-requisite courses plus an additional 90 days (if you were conditionally accepted by your school) or
  • if your passport expires before you finish your studies, subtract 30 days.

The additional 90 days allow you to plan your departure from Canada or apply to extend your stay.

3. How to extend Study Permit to stay as a student

Make sure your institution is listed on the designated learning institution list prior to applying to extend your study permit (DLI). If your school is no longer on the designated learning institution (DLI) list, You can either:

  • keep studying until your current permit expires or
  • transfer to another DLI

If you plan to leave Canada either before or after you’ve applied for a study permit extension, you won’t be allowed to re-enter unless

  • you have a valid study permit or a letter of introduction that shows you were approved for a study permit and
  • your DLI is on the approved list of DLIs with approved COVID-19 readiness plan and
  • you have a valid travel document

In most cases, you must apply online for an extension of your study permit. If either of the following applies, you might be able to submit an application on paper:

  • you have a disability that makes it impossible to apply online or
  • there’s a problem with the online application

Step 1: Make sure you have what you need

To apply online, you’ll need:

  • a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents, and
  • a valid credit or debit card.

Step 2: Read the instruction guide

Even if you apply online, you should read the instruction guide before you complete your application. The guide will explain how to complete each field on the form.


Step 3: Prepare your answers for the online tool

Before you can upload your forms, you must answer some questions. We use your answers to create a personalized document checklist for you.


Step 4: Know the fees you have to pay

In most cases, your fees will include processing fees for you and anyone you include on your application.

We’ll ask you to pay your fees at the end of your application.


Step 5: Create your online account or sign in

You need an account to apply online. You can use your account to:

  • pay your fees
  • submit your application
  • check your status

Create an account or sign in


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