Gap Year exceeded 150 day: Consequences and solutions

The definition of a Gap year is taking a break from school. Having a gap year can make a visa officer consider that you are not serious about your study

Gap year exceeded 150 days: Consequences and solutions

The definition of a Gap year is taking a break from school. Having a gap year can make a visa officer consider that you are not serious about your study not yet a gap year exceeded 150 days. As a result, they might fail your PGWP (Post-Graduate Work Permit) or your citizenship application later on.

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1.What is Gap Year?

Gap time is the time off between 2 of your programs. The Government of Canada allows international students to have a maximum of 150 days of gap time. If international students have more than 150 days in their gap time, then they only have 2 options: leave Canada and then come back when their second program starts, or choose to study a short course in their gap time.

Many international students in Canada are not aware of this policy, so they might not be able to have the full 3-year PGWP, even though they already finished a 2-year program in Canada. Moreover, if you take your gap time longer than the time you are allowed, your school will be responsible for informing CIC about your absence. Then you will have to give a valid and reasonable explanation for your absence, if you are failed then CIC will send out the Termination Letter which will force you to fly back to your country.

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2. The solution for Gap Year exceeded 150 days?

The ultimate solution for this situation is to register for a short English course or a short course from an affordable college to secure your student status in Canada. There are a few cheap English courses which are available at ILAC or RCIIS – two of the most popular English school in Canada. 

Additionally, you can also register for a short course at GreyStone College or MCIT which can be as affordable as only $7500 for 2 years. Admission Hub can help you to apply for these courses with the exclusive offer since we are partners with these schools. 

3. English School in Canada

ILAC: The greatest feature of ILAC is that there are diverse ethnicities studying together as nationality restrictions are set to 30% for each pool of students. There are a variety of programs according to the international and rich environment among the language schools in Canada and the level from English beginner to native level. It is one of the attractions that not only learning but also fulfilling activities to support studying abroad life are available.

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RCIIS: RCIIS is a Language School with more than 20 years of experience helping students reach their academic goals. We are very proud of our academic standards and have a proven track record of student achievement. RCIIS is located centrally in midtown Toronto, and is steps away from Davisville Subway station. This part of the city is filled with green spaces and local amenities which makes studying at our school both comfortable and convenient.

Learn more about RCIIS: click here

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4. College courses start at $7500/2 years

GreyStone College: Build your international network and achieve your dreams in quality career training programs at GreyStone College, delivered in English. Choose a Co-operative education (Co-op) or a practicum program to combine your learning with relevant work experience in Business, Digital Marketing, Hospitality or Teacher Training.

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MCIT: Montreal College of Information Technology is an institute of higher learning focused on delivering intensive, job-ready IT programs. Buoyed by the College’s state-of-the-art technological capabilities, their faculty of instructors implement industry-relevant curricula through an engaging learning experience that seeks to ensure workforce readiness and resilience. Since MCIT’s foundation in 2006, more than 3,000 MCIT graduates have found gainful employment. 

Learn more about MCIT: click here

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