Georgian College @ ILAC in Toronto

Start your new life in Canada with a quality education from Georgian@ILAC in Toronto. Georgian College (Georgian) offers more than a postsecondary education in Central Ontario, it’s built a reputation for providing an experience that engages students and prepares them to excel in their future careers.

Why choose Georgian College @ ILAC?

Georgian@ILAC is your next step towards an exciting new career in Canada! The public-private partnership combines Georgian College’s experience in postsecondary education with ILAC’s reputation as a global leader in English language training.

  • ILAC has shared an authorized agreement with Georgian, wherein the aspirants can now enjoy studying after enrolling in special Georgian programs at ILAC Toronto.
  • This partnership combines Georgian’s experience and excellent reputation in postsecondary education, with ILAC’s solid reputation as a leading language school with an exciting downtown Toronto location.
  • Georgian @ ILAC offers PGWP Programs
  • Only about ~ CAD $17,500/year


As this College is also a private college there is no specific ranking for this college is available. We haven’t received any reviews for this institution yet.

Recommended Programs in Georgian College @ ILAC

Business program:

  • Students acquire a foundational knowledge of the basics of business, with a focus on managing people and processes. Courses in economics, accounting, marketing, and human resources lay the groundwork for future careers and further studies.

Computer Programming (Co-Op):

  • In this program, students focus on computer programming, web development, and designing data-driven systems. Students learn how to write code in a variety of programming languages such as Arduino, ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP and Swift.

Computer systems technician – Networking (co-op):

  • In this program, students focus on networking, operating systems, system administration, cloud computing, and security related to new computer networks and the maintenance of existing computer networks

Office Administration Health Services:

  • Students in this program acquire the knowledge and specialized skills required to successfully perform in the administrative health field.

Global Business Management:

  • This program is designed to prepare university and college graduates from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds to work as managers in international and domestic businesses of various size.


Project Management:

  • The complexity of industry’s labour and entrepreneurial needs requires managers who can work within a variety of settings and in cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams.


Human Resources Management (Co-Op):

  • Lead people. Manage change. Learn the expertise required to achieve positive employer-employee relationships. Co-op placement included for hands-on experience.


Business Management Graduate Certificate:

  • Graduates of this program will be prepared for exciting careers in the field of business. Students will develop the skills to research, analyze, and manage many aspects of business.


Marketing Management Graduate Certificate:

  • In this program, students gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become marketing professionals who can effectively manage a range of tasks and functions within business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), not-for-profit, and government organizations.

Reviews​ about Georgian College @ ILAC


Student at Georgian College @ ILAC

This really is a great school. The faculty are all friendly and helpful, the buildings are well maintained and the support offered is like no other experience I’ve had at another post-secondary institution. The proximity to Toronto, the Muskoka’s and the Kawartha’s makes this the ideal location for any student of any age.

Yajendra Patel

BI Student at Georgian College @ ILAC

Great college and excellent group of staff which always give right information and all the staff members are always ready to help. Campus infrastructure is very good and all the necessary facilities are available in college

Shafa Prasla

Student at Georgian College @ ILAC

Best support system for international students, great facilities to make students ease their college journey. Updates available on emergency situations. Best resource and professors. Good opportunities provided for students to earn, learn, dine and have fun. The best experience of my life.

Gagan Deep

Student at Georgian College @ ILAC

Excellent option for career focused students. College faculty is always ready to help needy students in whatever way they can. Student support services are really praiseworthy.

Entry requirements for Georgian College @ ILAC

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  • Academics 

    • 10th 12th onwards

    • Degree / Diploma Certificate

    • Transcripts 

  • Passport Copy 

  • English Proficiency Test 


  • Work Experience 

  • Work Experience Letter

  • Copy of Study Permit

  • Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)  

  • Processing Fee + Application Fee


Student Services at Georgian College @ ILAC

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