How to draft your SOP for a Canadian Student Visa after refusal?

Canadian student visa refusal rates in 2022 have also gone up a bit. But one can avoid getting a refusal by understanding the common reasons behind it and avoiding the same mistakes.

How to draft your SOP for Canadian Student Visa after refusal?

Canada is the hot destination for international students to pursue higher education and achieve their dreams. Since the government has received a large number of applications recently, Canadian student visa refusal rates in 2022 have also gone up a bit. With the demand for student visa increasing, the application procedure has become more rigorous. But one can avoid getting a refusal by understanding the common reasons behind it and avoiding the same mistakes.

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Canadian Student Visa refusal

1.Common reasons for Canadian student visa refusal

  • Not submitting proper documents supporting your statement of purpose
  • If you haven’t specified financial resources in your statement of purpose for your studies and stay in Canada.
  • The IELTS score is below average.
  • SOP drrafted doesn’t display a relation between your field in your home country and your chosen course in Canada.
  • Failure to mention family ties in your statement of purpose.
  • When Canadian High Commission doubts you are leaving Canada at the end of the study.

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2. Tips to draft SOP after Canadian Student visa refusal?

The SOP must provide a strong introduction that can better represent your personality and background. The opening is significant as it can make a strong initial impression, and the chance should not be wasted while re-submitting the application.

3.The chosen program

Canadian student visa could be refused if the chosen program does not align with the applicant’s academic or employment background. Applicants can overcome this issue by writing a detailed personal statement for their program of choice if it differs from their past schooling or work experience. A full education history or job history can be provided by applicants whose choice matches their previous background.

4.The intent of Return to Home country

The purpose of the study permit is to give you access to stay in the country until the completion of the course. You are expected to return to the country after the course. To ensure that the applicant will not remain in Canada after the study visa expires, you must present documents indicating the plan to return; failure to do so might end up in Canada student visa refusal.

5. Demonstrate ties to your Country

 It’s important to demonstrate your plan and specific ties to your country that prove you will return. You can provide evidence that you will leave in the following ways:

 * Job offer or letters of support from employers indicating you will return to work

 * Evidence of property ownership

 * Family members who rely on you for support

 * Community ties

 * Financial obligations

6. Conclusion

If we are in a hurry, we check the beginning and end of any document while scrolling the full length of the text; therefore, if the reader misses your strong introduction, there is a good possibility that your conclusion will be read well. As a result, don’t ignore the significance of a strong conclusion. You must humbly request the approval of visa permission, accompanied by an impressive phrase or line.

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