How to use ArriveCan to enter Canada?

Before emigrating to Canada, travelers may use the ArriveCan app to submit their Covid test results, quarantine plans, scan a photo of their vaccination paperwork, and update important information.

How to use ArriveCAN to enter Canada?

As a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, Canada has launched ArriveCAN, a free application that handles vaccination verifications for all passengers entering Canada. Before emigrating to Canada, users may use the app to submit their Covid test results, quarantine plans, scan a photo of their immunization paperwork, and update important information.

Use ArriveCan to enter Canada

According to IRCC, there are five groups of immigrants can enter Canada: The fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, unvaccinated, previously infected, and exempt group. The exemption applies to essential workers and international students. They are allowed to enter Canada if they meet all the specific criteria for immigrating to Canada. Travelers entering Canada by air, land, or sea, on the other hand, will be denied entry if their information on ArriveCAN app is not submitted within 72 hours of their arrival.

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What is ArriveCAN?

ArriveCAN is a user-friendly digital application available on mobile or by signing in online that assists travelers in swiftly and safely complying with Canada’s border procedures. Using ArriveCAN to enter Canada, travelers must submit all needed information within 72 hours to receive an online QR receipt, which shows the immigration officer the result for both before the flight and after landing in Canada. The following are included in the document:

  • contact and travel details which including date/time of arrival, port of entry and flight number
  • the purpose of their travel
  • your COVID-19 vaccination information
  • your pre-entry COVID-19 test results
  • the information about the countries you stayed in or visited in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Canada
  • your quarantine plan
  • your COVID-19 symptom self-assessment

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ArriveCan Application for immigrating to Canada

What if travelers don’t have a smartphone or have no data?

In case travelers want to enter Canada, but they are struggling with the data to download the app online; or if they do not have a phone with them during the trip, they may submit their information on the ArriveC app within 72 hours prior the arrival date to Canada by creating an account and signing in online. They can print or take a screenshot of the ArriveCAN receipt and take it with them when they immigrate to Canada. In addition, immigrants can include multiple travelers in ArriveCAN submission for up to 8 travelers if they are coming to Canada with those at the same address for the quarantine period or have the permission to collect and share the information.

How to use ArriveCAN?

3 Days Before Arrival

To enter Canada, all visitors must utilize the ArriveCAN mobile app or on the website. Only essential passengers are permitted to enter Canada without being subjected to any obligatory tests. After installing the app, passengers must receive a QR receipt within 72 hours.

The completely vaccinated person or those who have recovered from Covid-19 can scan their vaccination record card or proof of recent infections with their smartphone’s camera, or manually enter their information into the app or directly on the website.

Travelers who are only partly vaccinated or unvaccinated must do the test for Covid-19 within three days of entering Canada and report their test results before crossing the border.

Arrival Day

Immigrants must present their ArriveCAN QR receipt at the border once they arrive in Canada. All non-essential passengers will be tested upon arrival in Canada, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated or not. Individuals who are not fully immunized can proceed with their journey. However, partly vaccinated passengers and those who have a positive test result within the last six months must be quarantined until obtaining a negative arrival test. They must also have a quarantine strategy in place in case the test is positive. Unvaccinated passengers must stay in quarantine for seven days. When they reach the border, they must also have a quarantine strategy in place.

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The Following Days

All passengers, excluding fully vaccinated people, must continue to utilize ArriveCAN to ensure that they are isolated until they obtain a negative arrival test after immigrating to Canada. If they can not complete their post-border report through ArriveCAN, they must contact 1-833-641-0343 every day during their 14-day quarantine.

8 Days Following Arrival

Only unvaccinated passengers must be tested a third time, following a week of quarantine, on Day 8. They can exit quarantine if the test results are negative. Meanwhile, they must check in with ArriveCAN to certify that they stay at their quarantine location.

Any tourist will find it difficult to enter Canada during the Covid-19 epidemic. However, with the assistance of the ArriveCan app, the procedure can be faster and easier for both border police and immigrants. So, after having the flight ticket, don’t forget to download the app, get a QR receipt and begin your safe journey to Canada.

ArriveCan app for immigration to Canada

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