IELTS Free Entry to College with ILAC Pathway Program​

ILAC offers a short course, low cost, and quick results. It is appropriate for students who wish to study in Canada but do not have an IELTS certificate with limited time but good adaptability.

IELTS Free Entry with ILAC Pathway Program

When mention about studying in Canada, students typically find that applying to a university or college without an IELTS certificate is the easiest way. There is always a solution for this, which is known as the ILAC pathway.

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There is usually a barrier called “IELTS” on the path to Canada for higher study purposes, which creates many problems for students on the approach to any university and college. It occurs when students seek to satisfy the language requirements of their school or acquire IELTS certification to apply for a visa. It may sound simple, yet many students have to abandon their dreams of studying in Canada because they can not pass the IELTS goal. There is, however, always a solution for the better – ILAC.

ILAC language school pathway for Ielts

Many individuals are unaware that they may apply for their Canada college’s “ESL language course” to meet the entry requirements. Each school’s language courses are unique, and some even include matching language teaching or preparation courses for other disciplines. Internal language classes in Canada at institutions provide the following advantages:

  • Close to the future campus life
  • Make it easier for students to fit in with colleges and universities
  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are all improved.

However, there is only a drawback: it is costly!

Want to Study in Canada?

At Admission Hub, we provide students with another alternative for enrolling in a language school managed by a third-party educational institution – ILAC pathway. This approach offers a short course, low cost, and quick results. Above all, it is appropriate for students who wish to study in Canada but do not have an IELTS certificate with limited time but good adaptability.

What is the Pathway Course for the ILAC Pathway?

In Canada, ILAC was the pioneer in the development of the Pathway Program. Students do not require TOEFL or IELTS scores to join universities and colleges if they finish the ILAC Pathway bridging course.

Overall, College and university route courses offered by ILAC prepare students for the following programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Post-Bachelor Diploma
  • Vocational Diploma/Certificate Course
  • Students who have completed the bridging courses of colleges and universities are expected to achieve a TOEFL iBT score of 90 or more.

About ILAC

The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) was first founded in 1997 in Toronto, and the other new campus was opened in Vancouver in 2005.

ILAC is committed to delivering a high-quality learning environment and it is currently Canada’s biggest language school. ILAC courses can be tailored to students’ specific requirements, including academic or business English. In addition, the school’s facilities are well prepared with internet computer equipment, free high-speed wifi, a comfortable student lounge, a student dining area, and spacious study classrooms.

Moreover, ILAC monthly updates extracurricular activities so that students have the opportunities to communicate more outside the classroom.

ILAC pathway program free Ielts

Introduction to ILAC Pathway Courses

►  ILAC course options:

  • Intensive English Course (30 lessons per week)
  • Speed English Course (38 lessons per week)

►  Students will learn from ILAC pathway:

  • Writing and speaking skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Research skills
  • Essay writing skills
  • TOEFL preparation course
  • Time management
  • Writing test skills
  • Oral presentation skills

► Level placement test for ILAC pathway

  • On the first day, students will take a placement test and be placed into classes based on their English competence level.
  • Students with a level of 10 or above can enroll immediately in college and university bridging courses.
  • Students with a level of 9 or less will start their studies with general English courses.

What are the ILAC Pathway’s benefits?

  • More than 80 universities and colleges accept ILAC Pathway teaching and certification
  • Can apply to multiple partner schools at the same time
  • Tuition fee is cheaper than the ESL of universities and colleges
  • Flexible monthly start dates
  • Provides free one-on-one course consultation and school application
  • Regularly organizes college fairs and off-campus visits

ILAC All-Canada Cooperative Colleges and Universities (over 80)

ILAC pathway for students to Canada without Ielts
ILAC Pathway without Ielts
ILAC pathway to Canada
ILAC pathway for student to Canada

It’s time to start now!

Getting to know the school on your wish list and follow the right Canada immigration 2021 pathway with us. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation with our best consultants at Admission Hub.

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