What are the insurance benefits for international students?

Insurance Policy for international students

A medical emergency or sudden illness while studying in Canada could ruin your school year. And without adequate insurance coverage for international students, the medical expenses could ruin you and your family. Student travel insurance would help in these situations.

Some hospitals won’t even admit patients without proper health insurance. If they do, the costs can be astronomical. Don’t gamble with financial disaster when you can protect yourself with the most comprehensive and affordable coverage available.

Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding to insurance coverage for international students in Canada.

Is taking insurance mandatory for international students in Canada?

The Canadian government stipulates that all students studying in Canada must have insurance and work vacationers must have a one-year insurance certificate to enter the country.

Entry to Canada to study or work holiday requires the appropriate insurance. The length of insurance must cover the duration of the program.

Why should international students get health insurance in Canada?

If you are a student in a foreign country, it is important that you have health insurance coverage for the duration of your course. Even if your visa does not require you to possess a health insurance plan, your institution will insist on it. Before accepting your admission, universities and colleges request proof of your overseas health insurance.

There are several more reasons for getting international student health insurance:

1. No government sponsored healthcare
More often than not government-funded healthcare is not valid or available for international students. Also, generally healthcare costs are high and may increase on an annual basis. So, if you do not have health insurance, and you suffer a medical emergency, you would be paying those hospital bills for a long time.

2. Less expenditure
Even if you have a health insurance, you will have to pay a certain amount out of your pocket during a medical emergency. The amount paid comprises of taxes and deductibles. However, this amount is nothing compared to what you would have to pay if you did not have health insurance. For example, if you do not have health insurance, an MRI scan could cost you anywhere between $900 CAD and $2,400 CAD (According to Canadian Magnetic Imagining).

3. Doctor discount
You could be charged high doctor consultation fees if you do not have a health insurance plan. This is because insurance companies usually have tie-ups with doctors, allowing you to pay much lower consultation fees.

You should also have an idea about the standardized features of international health insurance plans, which are:

1. Dedicated benefits
Students insurance plans often cover pre-existing injuries, mental health, sports, injuries, maternity expenses, hospitalization, and prescriptions.

2. Absence of family coverage
These plans are specialized insurance plans for students, hence they do not include coverage for any family members. In case family members are travelling with a student, the health insurance plan would cost higher, covering both – the student and the family member. Another option for family members is to take a travel medical plan.

3. Renewing of insurance coverage

International student insurance plans provide students with insurance that covers their study duration. This helps students as they only have to purchase a single insurance plan for the entire duration of their stay.

4. Lower insurance premiums

Since students are young and healthy, the premiums for their insurance plans are more affordable in nature. The payment of these premiums can be broken down and paid throughout the duration of the students’ stay.

How much does health insurance cost for international students in Canada?

International students studying in Canada have to avail health insurance as it been made mandatory by Canadian universities and colleges. Health insurance in Canada for international students varies from location to location, and it also depends upon the insurance firm.

As per the Canada Insurance Plan, the average yearly premium for obtaining a health insurance ranges from $600 CAD to $900 CAD. Some of the insurance firms that students could approach for health insurance are:

  • Manulife Financial
  • TuGo
  • Allianz Global
  • Sun Life
  • Ingle International
  • Cowan Insurance Group
  • Greenshield

The insurance plans from these firms include some common benefits (however, the limit of each benefit varies from plan to plan) such as:

  • Hospital expenses and accommodation
  • Physician charges
  • Private nurse
  • Prescription drugs
  • Paramedical services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Trauma counselling
  • Medical appliances
  • Treatment of dental accident
  • Psychiatric treatment

Canadian ADM International Student Policy Main Protection and Compensation Amount

Details of insurance policy for international students

Main features of Canadian ADM International Student Policy

Global travelAs long as the life insurer spends most of his time in the country where he is studying, the travel insurance is still valid. Returning to the place of origin is not covered by the guarantee.
Symptoms that existed before the insurance
took effect
If the condition is stable within 90 days before the effective date of symptom reinsurance, it is covered.
Does not include– Scope of treatment has started in the place of origin, or medical symptoms that already exist.
 – Long-term or continuous care.
– For a complete list of “Excluded Scope” items, please refer to the policy terms.
RefundIf the contract is cancelled before the effective date of the policy, the student visa is denied, the entry into the country of study is denied, or the country of study is not reached, a full refund will be given.
Partial refunds may also be obtained. For the detailed “refund procedure”, please refer to the policy terms.
Claim procedureFor the complete “claim procedure”, please refer to the policy terms.

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