IRCC announces a huge change in study and work visa for fall 2020 .

IRCC announces a huge change in study and work visa for fall 2020

International students starting school this fall, can take online classes from their home country and still be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit after coming to Canada| IRCC.

IRCC has announced a huge change in the eligibility criteria for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for students who want to study in Canada in fall 2020.  To be eligible. students must have completed a full-time program (minimum 8 months) in a designated learning institute (DLI). The length of the PGWP will be the resulting length of their study in Canada.

Students are allowed to begin their program remotely in fall 2020 and still be eligible for PGWP in Canada, confirms IRCC.

According to the general eligibility criteria for PGWP, online classes are not considered to fulfill study requirements. But, the current COVID-19 pandemic bringing the whole world to a standstill has led to a reform in the PGWP. Looking at the current travel restrictions, IRCC has declared that international students outside Canada wanting to start school this fall can take classes online from the home country.

IRCC announces a huge change in study and work visa for fall 2020

IRCC announced this reform for fall 2020, on May 14, 2020

Online classes will not affect PGWP:

  • Classes moved online due to COVID-19
  • If the student holds an approved study permit, but unable to travel in spring/summer/ fall due to COVID-19, they are still eligible for PGWP.
  • If you’re in this situation,
    • Take classes online while outside Canada
    • Complete up to 50% of your program while outside Canada, if unable to travel sooner.

As declared by IRCC,students who start their studies in Fall 2020, will remain eligible for PGWP equal to the length of their studies.

Students authorized to work:

  • Can continue to work even if COVID-19 has forced them to be a part-time student or take a break in studies
  • Allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during an academic session and full-time during scheduled breaks.

International providing essential service:

  • Are temporarily allowed to work more than 20 hours.
    • if has a valid study permit
    • eligible to work off-campus
    • providing an essential service.

However, this change is in effect until August 31, 2020, as stated by IRCC

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