IRCC’s New Policy for International Students 2024

IRCC’s New Policy for International Students 2024

(Will it affect Visitor to Study Permit Applicants? )

In this Blog, we will be discussing the recently announced changes in the IRCC Policy. If you are a visitor visa holder planning to apply for a study permit inside Canada but have concerns in connection with the recent changes, worry no more as we will unload the new policy and provide insights and tips on how to proceed with the application.


Let us first break down the changes in the policy.

  • Student Cap First, Canada has included a cap of 360,000 study permit approval every year. Each province and territory will be allocated a cap which will be distributed among designated learning institutions or DLIs.
  • Attestation Letter Second, IRCC will require an attestation letter from the province you are applying to. Currently, the process to apply for an attestation letter will be released on or before March 31, 2024. Meaning if you are a study permit applicant outside Canada, then you have to wait for the new provision.
  • EXEMPTION Third, is there an exemption to the attestation letter? The answer is yes, if you are applying for a PHD or master’s degree programs, then you are exempted from the attestation letter.
    If you are submitting from visitor to study permit, you will be exempted from this policy.
  • OSWP Fourth, the Open Spousal Working Permit will only be eligible to PHD and Masters programs and a student applying to extend their study permit.
  • PGWP Fifth, starting September 1, 2024, students who physically attended a private college that has been licensed to deliver the curriculum of an associated public college, will no longer be eligible for a post-graduate work permit or PGWP. Moreover, a Master and PHD graduate of 1 year program will soon be eligible to apply for a 3-year PGWP.

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At the beginning of the blog, we mentioned that applying inside Canada should not worry with the new policy. Here are the reasons why:

  • Student Cap First, inside applicants don’t have to worry about the provision on student cap. IRCC is not limited to inside applications.
  • Attestation Letter If you are on a visitor visa planning to apply for the inside study permit process, the attestation letter will not affect you. Meaning you can already submit your documents directly without waiting for the attestation letter.
  • Sponsoring Children As a parent, we all want the best for our children, and so, study permit holders are still eligible to bring their children and study for free.
  • Visitor Status We understand that being away from your family is challenging, and so, your spouse can apply for a visitor visa and bridge to a study permit, together you can both achieve your goals.
  • Open spouse work permit for PGWP holders If you are a PGWP holder and want to bring your spouse in Canada, you can easily apply for an open spousal work permit regardless of your program.

In Summary, With the current policy in place, applying inside Canada has proved to be an easier and simpler path, avoiding complications such as applying for an attestation letter, and you are guaranteed to not be affected by the student cap. 

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I met Simran through Facebook and she gave me a clear idea how to convert visitor visa to study permit, They have a wonderful team and good communication with their clients. They even got me admission in public college for free of cost. They can get you offer letter in just few days.

Manju Thapa


I have got admission in Cambrian college with the help of Admission Hub and I strongly advice to others to come here and get admission in their desire college. If anyone have issues with study permit  and study related  then this place is the best than anyone else.

Rajat Singh


 I have been searching a lot to find the best to get my study permit in Canada as I am over 35 of age and with family. Simran helped me the process of applying study permit that would work best for me and my study permit got finally approved.

Vidhya Sharma


Their professionalism and dedication helped me to changed my visitor visa to study permit within 2 months. I came in Dec 2019 as as visitor and in March I got my study permit now im in college. Thank you again for making my dream comes true..

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Benefits of being a Study Permit holder In Canada:

Earn While You Study

You can work part-time on or off campus while you study, up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks.

Work Permit for Spouse

Work Permit holder’s spouse can receive an Open Work Permit while the spouse is actively studying in Canada.

Path for Immigration

Additionally, students in Canada have a lot of paths for permanently immigrating in Canada.

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Q&A: Change from Visitor Visa to Study Permit inside Canada?

How to change from a Visitor Visa to Study Permit inside Canada?

To change your Canadian Visitor Visa Status to Study Permit (Visa), firstly you will have to complete a short-term prerequisite course. After you complete the prerequisite program, you will be eligible to apply study permit inside Canada.

Who is eligible to change from a Visitor Visa to Study Permit in Canada?

Only some people can apply for a study permit from inside Canada. 

  • Completed a program that is required for admission to a DLI while under Visitor Status

I am visiting in Canada, Can I apply for a Study Permit without leaving Canada?

You’re currently in Canada and one of these applies:

-Your spouse, the common-law partner has a valid study or work permit

-You’re an exchange student or visiting student

-You completed a short-term prerequisite course within the initial 6 months period while under Visitor Visa status

-Most importantly, the IRCC officer will assess whether you have met the terms before they approve your application. Subsequently, you will have implied status. In other words, while you are waiting for your Study Permit you can legally stay in Canada even your status has expired.

Can I study while waiting for my Study Permit?

International students who are eligible to apply Study Permit Inside Canada are eligible to continue studying while waiting for the approvals. However, they must cease studying if their application is refused.

Do I need to leave if I apply my permit inside Canada?

Your study Permit will be sent directly to Admission Hub office from IRCC visa processing center. Hence there is no need to cross the border.

How can Admission Hub Canada represent me for the application?

Our immigration consultants and admission team will guide you the process from the beginning to the end.  Certainly from enrolling a short-term pre-requisite program to the date you obtain your study permit. Moreover you will have on-going support until you reach Permanent Residency Status.

Can my spouse get a work permit in Canada?

Spouses can apply for an open work permit if their partner is an international student in Canada.

Can I apply even I was refused for Study Permit before?

Yes. Admission Hub has been helping hundred of international students changing Visitor Status to Study Permit. We have even helped applicants that were previously refused 3 times from an overseas Canadian  Embassy And successfully applied Canadian study permit inside Canada

Is there an age limit to change visa status to study in Canada?

If the applicants have more than 2 years after graduation or are over 25 years old, there is a risk of “advanced age” when you are applying for a student visa in Canada. However, there are no age eligibility criteria if you convert from a visitor visa to a study permit. Our customers have a wide range of ages, from 19 years old to 55 years old. Change from a tourist visa to a study visa has a 90% of success rate.

Can I change from tourist visa to study visa if I have an education gap?

Yes. Education gap is not a problem when you want to change your visitor visa to a study permit. If you are applying for a student visa from outside Canada, the education gap might be a problem, but if you are applying for a study permit inside Canada, the education gap is not a major problem as long as you can justify the reasons properly. We had students with years of education gap in between before applying for a study permit and were still successful.

I have history of visa refusal, can I apply for study permit in Canada?

If the applicants have a major change that occurred after the first visa application (such as inheritance, IELTS re-examination score improvement), then it is difficult for the Immigration Bureau to reverse the case and give you approval for the second time. 

If you are applying for a student visa from your country and got rejected, then apply for a travel visa, the chance of denial is lower than applying for a student visa. Once a tourist visa is issued, an additional channel and insurance are given to the student visa. After entering the country through a tourist visa, you can apply for a student visa in Canada by having a study permit first, it has a higher success rate. 

What is success rate on changing status to study status inside Canada?

Changing your visa status from a visitor visa to a study permit inside Canada has a 98% approval rate.

How changing visitor visa to study permit works?

The key to a successful transfering visa from travel visa to study visa is to register for a short-term prerequisite course (prerequisite course) within 6 months, and your course institution must be on the DLI list (list of designated educational institutions). 

After completing the short-term course and obtaining the university acceptance letter, you can apply for a study visa. 

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