Is Visitor Visa to Study Permit still possible in Canada 2024?


The path to studying in Canada has seen significant changes in 2024, especially regarding study permit allocations. Understanding these updates is crucial for individuals planning to convert their visitor visa to study permit in Canada. Today, we delve into the details of the Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) requirement and how it affects your study permit application.

Overview of the New Changes

Clarifying the Provincial Attestation Letter Requirement

Starting January 22, 2024, international students aiming for a college or undergraduate degree in Canada face a new requirement: the Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL). This letter is quite important for your study permit application, signifying that you have a reserved spot under the new rules limiting incoming international students.

The introduction of PAL by the Canadian government, with a deadline for provinces and territories to begin issuing these letters by March 31, 2024, reflects a significant shift. This change aims to manage the number of students arriving in Canada more effectively, ensuring quality education and living standards. Discussions with Quebec are also underway to align a specific document from Quebec to serve as a PAL.

Good News for Visitor Visa to Study Permit Applicants in Canada

However, if you’re already in Canada, perhaps as a visitor or exchange student at a school, you’re in luck. The requirement for a PAL does not apply to you. This exemption simplifies the process significantly, allowing for a more straightforward application for your Study Permit without the need for a PAL. Additionally, this exemption covers a wide range of applicants:

Primary and secondary school students.

Individuals pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees.

Current study or work permit holders and their family members.

Applicants who submitted their study permit application before January 22, 2024, at 8:30 a.m.

How Canada Admission Hub Can Help

At Canada Admission Hub, we’re dedicated to clearing up any confusion and assisting you throughout your study permit application. Trusted by thousands of students, we offer guidance and support to make your educational dreams in Canada a reality.

If you have questions or need further guidance, we encourage you to book a consultation call with us. Our team is here to assist with all aspects of your study permit, ensuring a smooth and successful application process.

About Canada Admission Hub

Admission Hub is one of the largest International Student Immigration Firm based in Toronto & Vancouver. Currently, it operates in the following markets: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Europe, Vietnam, and India. Our parent company CVH Immigration Ltd. Admission Hub is helping and supporting International Students around the world to Study, Work, and Immigrate to Canada. We are proud to partner with over +150 Canadian Institutions. If you want help with your Study Visa application, the first step is to BOOK A CONSULTATION with Admission Hub’s Consultant, share your background and our consultant will reach out to provide you with as much assistance as possible.
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