Ontario set to reopen colleges and universities with a released plan: Latest COVID-19 Update Canada

schools and colleges in Canada

With just a few months to go for graduation, most colleges and universities in Canada staggered as the provinces like Ontario declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Although many parts outside Greater Toronto Area will be allowed to open restaurant patios, hair salons, public pools, and malls starting this Friday – people had to make an essential sacrifice for these services to flatten the curve of a deadly virus and save lives. However, it had certainly put their lives on hold for nearly three months.

Fortunately, the province has laid a plan  for the estimated 800,000+ students enrolled in Ontario post-secondary schools.

Minister of Colleges and Universities Ross Romano declared on Wednesday that in-person classes will soon resume aligned with the laid plan. Most certainly the plan focuses on slow and safety measures for the resumption of physical classes.

Colleges in Canada

Starting in July 2020, reopening of schools will be prioritized for in-person instruction and limited to students involved in fields deemed “essential” such as nurses and personal support workers as well as those in “high labour market demand areas”. This includes programs like welding, nursing, personal support workers, engineering, and trucking.

While the plan is designed, the provincial government is now in the process of developing a structured framework on health and safety measures for academic institutions.

According to Romano, the framework will be released in the coming days. Meanwhile, Ontario will be closely monitoring the limited summer classes to create guidelines on its next stage of reopening schools in fall 2020.

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