St.George International College (SGIC)

St. George International College (SGIC) has become a well-established language school situated in the heart of downtown Toronto. SGIC offers classes from Basic to Advanced, as well as specialized language programs including our prestigious Pathway Programs. We have been the fastest-growing ESL school since 2008, accommodating 400 students for 10 months of the year. 

Why choose St. George International College?

As a proud member of Languages Canada, SGIC meets all industry standards for ESL schools.  SGIC has had a history of supplying quality English education to international students in Toronto and Vancouver since 1994.

  • 24 years of education
  • 3 locations across Canada
  • 135,000 students successfully graduated
  • 40 partnered colleges and universities across the world


St. George International College has been awarded the 2019 Toronto Best Certificate Programs Award among many other institutional achievements.


Study English in St.George International College

Recommended English Programs in SGIC :

        SGIC offers an interesting course/program, but it assumes that students have the following:


        ESL ADVANTAGES (Level 1 – 6) Approved by the register

  • Diverse Programming: Our programs (Starter to Advanced) is designed differently to focus on the particular English needs of that level and prevent  students who take all levels from ever becoming bored! 
  • Comprehensive Program: Students learn and practise all skills in English: reading, writing, listening and speaking daily.
  • Accessibility to Exceptional Teachers: We have professional, experienced teachers who love their jobs and are sociable with the students in and outside the class and are available for consultation.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: We are a big school with a big heart. Everyone is like a family.
  • Fun Activities: We have school tournaments and encourage daily activities; once a month, teachers and ESL classes have an all-day excursion to  have fun and meet students from other levels.

         SGIC UCPP Program is designed for international students who have already reached an advanced level or have completed 8 weeks of SGIC’s Advanced ESL or who have outdated TOEFL/TOEIC scores.


        UCPP is designed to fill the academic gaps needed to succeed in post-secondary programs instructed in English. UCPP covers all the language skills comprehensively: reading, writing, listening, speaking, including sub-skills such as vocabulary and grammar within an academic context of a variety of tasks typically found in Canadian post-secondary institutions.

          Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements:
  • SGIC Admission Test 82%, or Completed Upper-Intermediate English level 7 at SGIC, or TOEIC 660, or TOEFL iBT 59 and up, or IELTS 5.5 + with minimum 5.5 in writing (Oral Test Required)
  • Duration: 3 Semesters (Semester takes 100hrs)
  • Class Size: Average 12-14 Students 



        Course Description:

        This course is designed to dramatically improve students’ natural speaking style. Fluency is the goal for students who take this course. This will be    accomplished by using quick-response activities to build up students’ speed (fluency) and extensive one-on-one teacher-student feedback to build accuracy. 


        Daily Dictation:

  • Studio Work: Student Voice
  • Recording, Analysis and Correction
  • Learn and practice Speech Patterns related to Pronunciation, Intonation, Enunciation, Pause and Emphasis
  • Learn and apply Listening Techniques to understand College Lectures and Native English Speakers
  • Allow exceptional teachers to help pave the way for Listening and Speaking successfully 


         SGIC IELTS Preparation Program is designed for students to learn and master the techniques of each part of the exam: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. 


         SGIC IELTS Preparation Program aims to give students ample practice tests in which to apply their techniques and augment their English and to focus on weak areas in order to make solid, consistent improvement. SGIC’s experienced and professional teachers will provide regular assessment reports for each student to understand their strength / weakness and level of exam preparedness. 


           Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements for Advanced IELTS

          SGIC Admission Test 80%, or Completed Upper Intermediate English level 6 at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55 and up, or IELTS 5.5 . 

  • Entrance Requirements for Intermediate IELTS

          SGIC Admission Test 65%, or Completed Upper Intermediate English level 4.5 at SGIC, or TOEIC 601, or TOEFL iBT 34 and up, or IELTS 4.5.             

  • Duration: 2 – 6 Semesters (Semester takes 100hrs)
  • Class Size: Average 12-14 Students 

          Course outcome 

  • Teaching Confidence & Leadership SkillsStudents will build confidence in teaching and managing beginner & intermediate classes in all English skills. 
  • ESL Teaching Skills: Students acquire the skill to think like a teacher and to plan and apply lessons to students of all abilities and understand the role of the teacher in an ESL classroom.
  • Self-KnowledgeStudents will understanding how to evaluate and improve their teaching abilities and further develop their qualifications and experience. 

     Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements

          SGIC Admission Test 75%, or Completed Upper-Intermediate English level 6  at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55, or IELTS 5.5.

  • Duration:  1 Semester (Semester takes 100hrs)
  • Class Size:  Average 12-14 Students 

         Course Description

        Business Communication Plays an important part in this course.  Each student is also assigned to research a country of his/her choice in a comprehensive project on business in a global setting, with emphasis on business and communication without borders. 


         At the beginning of every lesson, newspapers are reviewed for vocabulary, global news to gain awareness of our world, and any new technological development. Phrasal verbs and idioms for the workplace and everyday life will be reviewed so students become conversant with North American business and culture. 


           Students will gain confidence and acquire the experience and knowledge in the following skills: how to make effective telephone calls; the process of negotiation to become a better negotiator; how to prepare for job interviews and how to organize and deliver powerful presentations.


          Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements

         SGIC Admission Test 78%, or Completed Upper Intermediate English level 6 at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55 and up, or IELTS 5.5 + 

  • Duration:  2 Semesters (Semester takes 100hrs)
  • Class Size: Average 12-14 Students  

        Course Description 

        Students learn a lot of useful idioms, so they can enjoy watching American TV programs without a hassle.  The emphasis is equally given to all four aspects speaking, listening, writing, and learning. The course also prepares students who want to take the exam for the certification in Translation / Interpretation, approved by Canadian government or American ILTI.


           Course Content:

     – Common English Phrase Translation

     – Journal Translation

     – Idiomatic Expressions and Slang

     – Reading Comprehension

     – Basic Translation Techniques

     – Article Translation

     – Subtitling Friends, Other TV show

        Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements:

          SGIC Admission Test 78%, or Completed Upper Intermediate English level 6 at SGIC, or TOEFL iBT 55, or IELTS 5.5 + 

  • Duration: 2 Semesters 
  • Class Size: Average 12-14 Students 

Course Description :

       – Understanding a child’s perspective and how to engage different learners when teaching English.

        -Learning lots of games, songs, and craft ideas effective in the classroom. 

       – Applying theories of childhood development to lesson planning and course development.

       – Applying basic teaching techniques and positive discipline to children.


           Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements

         SGIC Admission Test 70%, or Completed Intermediate English level 5 at SGIC, or TOEIC 601, or TOEFL iBT 34, or IELTS 4.5 + 

  • Duration: 1 Semesters (Semester takes 100hrs)
  • Class Size: Average 12-14 Students 

     Course Description: 

     The English for Medicine Program is designed for medical professionals, healthcare workers and University/College students of medicine. Students will develop the language skills required to work in English-speaking medical settings. 


    SGIC offers sessions on a wide range of topics including specific medical terminology and vocabulary, reading and writing medical reports and letters, as well as the language required to attend medical conferences, seminars, and presentations delivered in English. Students also receive a weekly seminar with a registered nurse.


       Program Features:

  • Entrance Requirements

         SGIC Admission Test 78%, or Completed English Intermediate level 6 at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55 and up, or IELTS 5.0+ (Oral Test Required)

  • Duration: 8 Weeks (200hrs)
  • Class Size: Average 12-14 Students 
  • Campus: SGIC Toronto only

Reviews​ about St.George International College

Nathalia Matias

I loved my experience with the school! The STAFF is friendly and will help you if you need anything. I also made friends for life! My class was really informative and the teacher has a lot of experience in what she was teaching about. Everybody should choose SGIC 🙂
Student at SGIC

Vianca Muñiz

Studying in SGIC was one of the best experiences in my life. I would like to go back.
Student at SGIC

Taeyeon Won

Love this school. I have been in this school for 6 months and it was right decision studying english at SGIC. Friends and teachers were kind even though i was shy and had a problem with speaking english. If i have another chance to come back to Canada again, i will definately come back to this school. Thanks Sgic!

Student at SGIC

Marina Hiromi

SGIC is an excellent English language school, but it’s more than that! It’s a family.
Moving to another country is never an easy thing. However, with all SGIC staffs, I felt really welcome
I have learned a lot from incredible teachers who truly care about students’ development and life.
It was a wonderful opportunity to make Korean, Mexican, Panamanian, Taiwanese, Japanese friends that I will take forever in my life.
It was so hard to study English in ESL, UCPP, and PPP. Nevertheless, today I feel confident to start college.
Thank you so much for the great and wonderful contribution that everyone has made in my life.
Student at SGIC

Entry requirements for SGIC

  • Academics 

    • 10th 12th onwards

    • Degree / Diploma Certificate

    • Transcripts 

  • Passport Copy 

  • English Proficiency Test 


  • Work Experience 

  • Work Experience Letter

  • Copy of Study Permit

  • Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)  

    • Official /Unofficial Transcripts 

    • Letter of Enrollment of Current School

  • Processing Fee + Application Fee

    • Please Transfer to

Other information about SGIC

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Student Services at St.George International College

SGIC is one of the best English Schools in Canada

We have a team of experts who speak over 13 languages

We understand the challenges and needs of international students, and we can communicate with you in your preferred language. We can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right college, applying for admission, obtaining a study permit, extending or changing your visa status, to settling in Canada.

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