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Trebas College Montreal| Enroll for 2021

trebas institute 2021 Admissions : Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process Contact Us for Admission About Trebas institute Trebas Institute, registered with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, was established in 1979 in response to the music and entertainment industries’ need for skilled professionals. As a private college we are dedicated to providing quality education which gives students a competitive edge in their chosen industry and we are constantly expanding our program portfolio to match the ever-changing demands of today’s marketplace. Our top programs include business, technology, music and management. In Trebas Institute, the college curriculum is most up to date so that students  will be ready to thrive in the job market. With our experienced professors our students are truly prepared to leave their mark in their chosen field. Admission Start Date Trebas Institute offers applications for its  graduate and undergraduate programs for international students. Applicants should note that its better to apply as soon as possible for better opportunity. Trebas Institute Start Date: January July April September Previous Next Trebas Institute Admission Details : Document Submission Email College@admhub.ca Registration Fee : $250 CAD Contact Admission Hub for FREE application fee Basic Requirements   Academics  10th 12th onwards Degree / Diploma Certificate Transcripts  Passport Copy  English Proficiency Test  IELTS/ TOEFL/ESL/DUOLINGO Work Experience  Work Experience Letter Copy of Study Permit Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)   Official /Unofficial Transcripts  Letter of Enrollment of Current School Processing Fee + Application Fee Please Transfer to payment@admhub.ca PGWP Eligible Eligible for PGWP upto 1-3 years  Programs Available in Trebas Institute E-commerce and Online Business Management Program Type : Montreal Diploma  Duration : Two-year Start Date : April 2021 Campus : Montreal Audio and Video Post-Production Program Type : Montreal Diploma  Duration : Two-year Start Date : April 2021 Campus : Montreal Q & A Trebas Institute What is the IELTS Requirement for Trebas Institute IELTS Requirement :  5.5-6.0 If you apply through Admission Hub you don’t need any IELTS. Talk to our Trebas College Authorized agent Admission Advisor Simran today How to pay my Tuition Fee Mode of payment :Credit/ Debit/ Master card What are the deadlines for the submission for the registration Our deadlines are flexible and we can accept new students up until the first day of classes. Once all admissions information has been submitted and reviewed, applicants can expect confirmation of acceptance within the week. What are the admission procedure for the international students?.....

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What is the alternative for IELTS during COVID -19 in Canada?

What is the alternative for IELTS during COVID-19 in Canada? What is the alternative for IELTS during COVID-19? English proficiency test is mandatory for international students aiming to study or work in Canada.But due to the recent  COVID-19 pandemic, some of these tests have been suspended. For most international students, it can create panic because of the fear of denial or delay in their acceptance from colleges. However, there is no reason to worry. They can take an alternative test for IELTS during COVID-19. It is called as Duolingo test. What is Duolingo test? Similar to IELTS, it is a modern language proficiency platform designed to test the language compatibility of international students in various countries. In order to give an efficient and secured experience, it provides test scores, video interviews, and writing assessment. What are the benefits of this test? – Students can take this test from anywhere, anytime as per convenience. – The test takes an hour to finish and results are available within 48 hours. Are colleges/universities in Canada accepting it? Yes, most colleges and universities across Canada are accepting Duolingo test scores. At this time, duolingo scores are acceptable to meet the English proficiency requirement. Nevertheless, we suggest you to confirm with respective colleges.Also, you can check the list of institutes accepting Duolingo scores here https://englishtest.duolingo.com/institutions What is the required score? The minimum score required by most institutes is between 105 – 114. Other updates about the English language proficiency test during COVID – 19: 1. IELTS- They are launching an online tool to provide a test experience with genuine content. As a result, students can get a real test practice to prepare well for the real tests when the centers open. Meanwhile, keep checking: https://www.ielts.org/news/2020/an-update-from-ielts   2. TOEFL IBT – At this instant, the special home edition test is also available for students that are affected by COVID-19. Furthermore, the test will be conducted and monitored using live examiners and artificial intelligence technology.   3. Besides this, students can wait for the situation to improve and the tests to open. Presently, many colleges across Canada are extending their deadlines for fall and winter intake.   Most importantly, we recommend students to regularly check college websites for new updates about upcoming intake admissions. In addition, if you are looking for any professional help related to admissions in Canada,please feel free to talk to us. In any.....

How to Change college from private to public

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How to change college from private to public in Canada?

Change college from private to public in Canada Some international students who come to Canada for studies might feel the need to change their college. As most of them make decisions influenced by their agents in the home country, students can be misguided. They might feel that the particular college they are enrolled in isn’t their best choice or the program doesn’t suit their interest. Other reasons could be the discouraging faculty, unable to adapt to the environment, they can be studying in a non-designated learning institute (DLI) that makes them ineligible for post graduate work permit (PGWP) and so on.   So, am I allowed to change college?   Yes, you can change your college according to CIC. However, you must meet all the conditions stated by them. Having said that, you have to be extremely careful while doing so. So here are a few things that you need to consider before changing your college:   1) Change the (Designated Learning Institute) DLI number – It is important to notify the High Commission about any change you make in college. And to do it, you need to change your DLI number in your CIC account.   2) Unofficial breaks – As per CIC, you should avoid long breaks between your enrollment as it can affect your international student status in Canada.   3) Inform the current college – You have to withdraw your enrollment officially from the school you are currently studying. Having their approval is necessary. If you fail to do so, the old school might report you as an unregistered student. And according to CIC if you are unregistered, you are breaking the conditions for a study permit.    Points to remember for Post-secondary students looking to change schools: If you are a post-secondary student studying in DLI school, the school you want to change must also be a DLI student. Inform CIC every time when you change your school. If you are changing school on your own account, the service is free of cost. If you are changing schools, there is no need to apply to change of study permit.   Which educational bodies are included in post-secondary studies? Universities Community colleges, CEGEP, institutes Private universities, career colleges, academies, schools or training institutes and ESL/FSL and other language training   What do I need to know if I am planning to move to a school in.....