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We offer international students a pathway to study in leading universities and colleges. But it’s more than a pathway to ensure you successfully obtain your study visa and providing post-registration service in Canada! We want to give you the experience that will stay with you for life.

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"Through work & study I was able to stay one more year in Canada. Now, I am planning on going to Public College, it's good that I can save up money while doing this program. Highly recommended."


Jayanth Reddy

"Extremely helpful staff. They will help you figure out your admission process & assist you with each step of your admission."


Rajat Singh

Admission Hub provides excellent service and guide you through the process of your application. They provide suggestions, answer your queries and helps you with admission into colleges that suits best for you. I would highly recommend Admission Hub.


Manju Thapa

Success Stories from clients changing status Inside Canada
From Vistor Visa to Study Permit

Suroor Fathima

Meet Suroor Fathima ( 33 ) from India , She came to Canada as a dependent to her husband with a Work Permit and we helped her to successfully change her status to Study Permit.

Michael Flores

Michael is originally from Manila, Philippines. He was a permanent resident in Singapore before coming to Canada as a tourist. He will be joining Niagara College – Toronto in May 2021 to earn a post-graduate certificate in hospitality and tourism management. He receives his study permit in less than a month

Aqib Ibna Alauddin

Aqib comes from Bangladesh to Canada with a visitor permit. With Canadian culture and education process he preferred to study in Canada. He consulted Admission Hub to process his visitor visa to study permit. we filed his application within few months he successfully received his study Permit inside Canada

Qurrat Ul Ain Sharif

Meet Qurrat Ul Ain Sharif (30), Qurrat is from Karachi, Pakistan, and came to visit Canada to meet her Uncle in Mississauga. She did her masters from the USA and decided to study business In Canada, we helped her to change her status from Visitor to Study Permit inside Canada successfully within 3 months.

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