The 36 Things That Authentic Canadians Do!

 1. Often forget to lock the door (for four reasons: good security; no money at home; no hidden money under the bed; property insurance).

2. Cash in the wallet does not exceed 50 Canadian dollars (one is poor; the second is the development of electronic finance, as small as a grocery store, as far as the village can swipe; third is the use of credit cards to pay after the first consumer).

3. Buy lottery weekly dream award (because in addition to buy lottery tickets have the opportunity to make a fortune, what can not make a fortune, and no gray income, even when the civil service), the more the elderly love to buy lottery tickets (buy a dream, figure a music).

4. At least two accountants are to be seen each year. The first is to pay taxes and the second is to consult how to pay less.

5. Drink coffee every day, favorite Tim Hortons (local Canadian brand coffee).

6. If you meet 4 Canadians, there must be 1 single, 1 divorced child, 1 cohabiting partner (the opposite sex, but also the same sex), 1 marriage with 2 children, but they each have at least one dog or cat.

7, Go out without umbrellas, paper towels; summer inflammation is not an umbrella shade.

8. Always stand on the right side of the escalator (left to the impatient rusher).

9. Living in a high-rise building will cause insomnia (Canada is a large rural area, where are short and short, and are not used to it).

10. Line up, never cut the line.

11. Drive compliance, even when late at night when no one has to wait for traffic lights. When you get on the bus, you can find a seat belt system, whether it is driving or riding.

12. Classified garbage (recyclable, non-recyclable, batteries, waste electrical appliances, etc.), whether in public or at home.

13. When entering or exiting the gates of shopping malls or office buildings, we went back and checked if anyone came. Someone would wait and wait.

14. Go to work in the office, in the classroom like to eat snacks.

15. Don’t buy 80-cad clothes which has 50% discount, but 800-Cad Iphone.

16. Particularly stingy, even if the old cutlery also reluctant to throw, clean up and sell or give away, a day of hard work is not enough to buy a pizza.

17. Send gifts or greeting cards to family, friends, colleagues, assistants, or employees every Christmas.

18. Give small souvenirs to colleagues or employees each time you return from your vacation or return home.

19. People who meet with their neighbors or narrow roads smile, whether they know or not.

20. When the house is moved, buy potted flowers or small decorations and write a greeting card full of blessings and warmth to leave to the new owner.

21. Dressing attention to the occasion does not pay attention to the brand and price. Everyday dress is particularly old, also called plain, into the church or weddings and funerals are men’s suits and dresses skirt hats, the official party is absolutely elegant, the old women and girls are all evening dresses with off-the-shouldered chest perfume jewelry, Halloween Festival (Halloween ) How to exaggerate and exaggerate how unique the party is.

22. Friends go out to eat AA system; birthday star invites you to go to the restaurant to attend a birthday party, AA system; colleagues birthday dinner, AA system, the only birthday is not money, other people share. (So ​​Canada’s dinner is happy, and it’s definitely not an entertainment. It’s definitely a buddy who eats at a table. It’s not a matter of courtesy, and it doesn’t have to be a courtesy, a row, no public money).

23. Invite the most distinguished guests to dinner at home instead of going to the restaurant. (unless the closest people are invited to their homes, even colleagues may not know where they live for decades)

24. When the mother will do cake or take care of gardening; when Dad will repair the house, repair or change the water pipe, the entire lawn (first, Canada is very expensive labor, and the second is to Canada to pride themselves).

25. Men can not easily get married and have children. First, after marriage, family and children must be taken as the center of gravity. Together with his wife, he completes all housework, raises children, has no nanny, and does not depend on his parents. Second, once a divorce occurs, the man goes bankrupt once, and he takes half of the property every time and pays the woman. The cost of living for children and ex-wives, all ex-wives have inherited his inheritance. Even more afraid to raise her second child, can not afford.

26. Parents do not provide the cost of 18-year-old children to go to college, do not buy children to buy a house, do not bring grandchildren, do not live with their children, do not rely on children and elderly.

27. Make an appointment. Seeing a doctor, car repair, haircut, travel, even eating with old friends, and even making appointments.

28. There is no overtime or public relations entertainment if the business needs are generally met during the day or have a working lunch.

29. I like Vacation instead of Travel. Holidays are family and friends choose a place to stay for a week or two, tourism is to run around the view point to take pictures. Winter also loves vacation, working hard to love to go to Cuba (tropical, five-star service and super cheap); middle-class love to go to Florida; retired elderly or couples with children love to take cruise cruise.

30. Donate food or food before Christmas to “Food Drive” (charity organizations, participating companies or shops, churches will put a food collection box with Food Drive in front of the door, provide food for the poor all year long);

31、The old clothes are washed and packaged and sent to the clothes donation box (the clothes donation box is generally placed in front of the big supermarket, which is the collecting point of the charity organization);

32. Make donations for at least one charity that you trust (at least 85,000 charities in Canada, with a population of more than 30 million people, and one of the countries in the world that most like to donate);

33. Do not care about the politics of the country. Only before the election is voted, care about which party allows them to pay less tax, and which political party wastes the tax they pay.

34. Do not care about things of other countries. Geography knowledge is extremely poor.

35. Volunteering for at least one of these institutions or activities in a lifetime: churches, hospitals, schools, communities, municipalities, nursing homes, home violence shelters, homeless homes, cancer funds, breast cancer funds, disability funds, music festivals Festivals, festivals, concerts, etc.

36. Hospital does not cost any penny.

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