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Trebas Institute, registered with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, was established in 1979 in response to the music and entertainment industries need for skilled professionals.

As a private college, we are dedicated to providing quality education which gives students a competitive edge in their chosen industry and we are constantly expanding our program portfolio to match the ever-changing demands of today’s marketplace. Our top programs include business, technology, music, and management.


Why Study at Trebas Institute?


Trebas Institutes programs are taught by celebrated instructors and powered by industry experts to ensure you are up to date with the latest industry trends and have an edge in your industry after graduation. With diversity, excellence and innovation at our core, everything we do is tailored to your success.

Trebas Institute has taught over 3,000 graduates and has a study body from over 40 countries, providing students with a culturally enriched learning experience. What’s more, you’ll be studying in the unbeatable locations of downtown Montreal or Toronto, both of which are known for their vibrant culture, accessible transport connections and extensive business links.

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The combination of our innovative program portfolio, expert faculty and state-of-the-art facilities ensure our students graduate from Trebas Institute fully equipped to thrive in their chosen field.:

79.5% – Average job placement rate (within 6 months of graduation)

88.2% – Graduation rate

78.6% – Graduate satisfaction

Recommended Programs in Trebas Institute

Audio is a vital component of the entertainment industry, whether that be through providing sound effects on a film or managing the audio at a concert.

Learn the theory and practical skills needed to excel within this industry whilst gaining real-life experience as part of internships and work experience

  • Live Sound – Montreal

Throughout Trebas Institute’s Live Sound program, you will become an expert in working with industry-standard audio software and equipment in order to create the perfect sound for live events.

  • Sound Recording Course – Montreal

An amazing soundtrack can be an integral part of a good television or film production.

  • Sound Design Course – Montreal

Learn how to create the perfect sounds for video games, television, films and much more with the Sound Design Course at Trebas Institute.

  • Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts – Toronto

Learn to create professional sound for a variety of different applications— live concert mixing, film production, radio, videogame production, corporate events, digital media and theatre.

There has never been a more exciting time to gain entry into the world of film and television.

With the substantial growth of the independent film industry, the Canadian industry, digital filmmaking, and the explosion of specialty channels on television, there are countless opportunities in this demanding industry.

  • Audio and Video Post-production – Montreal:

Post-production is both the science and the art of bringing a video production (such as a film or television show) to life.

  • Film & Television Production and Post-Production – Toronto:

A great television or film production is a result of a talented group of individuals combining their skills.

  • Film & Television Production – Montreal:

In the Film and Television Production program students receive hands-on experience on a variety of projects, including short films, web series, television broadcasts, commercials and much more!

Our business and technology programs will enable you to succeed in launching, managing, and marketing a business online.

Across our various programs, you will develop the skills necessary to adapt and thrive in the online business and digital environments.

  • Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence – Montreal

The rapid technological advances of recent years now require new expertise and skills. To be able to establish themselves in a competitive ecosystem, companies can now base their business strategies on big data and technologies derived from artificial intelligence research (Blockchain, Complex Systems, Scale Automation, etc.).

  • Computer Security Analyst – Montreal

Our personal data is now digitized and connected, so it is essential to be able to ensure its security.
Businesses, agencies, and individuals require the services of the best experts to design solutions, perform penetration tests, and ensure the overall security of the digital infrastructure of their business operations.

  • E-commerce and Online Business Management – Montreal

Doing business online has become absolutely essential to nearly every organization. Even if a company does not actually sell their products or services online, they will still likely need social media profiles and a website.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media – Montreal

Having a professional and well-managed online presence has become an absolute necessity for a business to thrive in today’s economy.

Our programs provide you with the expertise and experience necessary to thrive in the entertainment and event management industries.

Develop your entrepreneurial, management, and administrative skills in our expertly-designed curriculum.

  • Event & Venue Management – Toronto

From product launches to planning the perfect wedding to working behind the scenes to ensure performance or sporting events come together seamlessly, event and venue managers play a crucial role in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

  • Entertainment Management – Toronto

In order to thrive, artists need a team of professionals that can manage everything from promotion to finance to contract negotiation.

  • Show & Event Management – Montreal

Successful events are powered by effective organization, communication and experienced personnel.

Reviews​ about Trebas Institute

Justin Miniaci

STQA Student at Trebas Institute

I graduated from Trebas last year and it was a great experience. the Instructors are top notch and they take such a vested interest in your education and progress. I learned so much and I’ve had a lot of great opportunities since graduating. I definitely recommend the school. Very accessible by public transit too.

Konstantine Konstantinov

BI Student at Trebas Institute

I am not exaggerating when I say that studying at Trebas was one of the best experiences in my life. It gave a lot to me, not just from an academic point of view (which was sometimes overwhelming) but also from a social point. I met great people there, people who care and love what they do.
Thank you all!

Alex Fesenko

STQA Student at Trebas Institute

I had a wonderful experience while study at Trebas, Toronto. Basically, I worked for the tv company for a few years. Then I moved to Canada and I felt like my knowledge of gears, software for video editing etc a little bit low. I’m very thankful to all instructors at Trebas for giving me that maximum updates on my needs! No doubt, the time I spent at Trebas gave me a new impulse in my career.

DillyStone Prod.

Networking Student at Trebas Institute

Excellent school…..teaches you exactly what you need to learn to be successful in the industry you wanna get into ……..teachers give you their undivided attention which is great for me

2022 Intake requirements for Trebas Institute

Trebas Institute Start Date:January/July/April/September 2022

  • Academics 

    • 10th 12th onwards

    • Degree / Diploma Certificate

    • Transcripts 

  • Passport Copy 

  • English Proficiency Test 


  • Work Experience 

  • Work Experience Letter

  • Copy of Study Permit

  • Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)  

    • Official /Unofficial Transcripts 

    • Letter of Enrollment of Current School

  • Processing Fee + Application Fee

    • Please Transfer to payment@admhub.ca

Q&A about Montreal College of Information Technology

IELTS Requirement :  5.5-6.0

If you apply through Admission Hub you don't need any IELTS. Talk to our Trebas College Authorized agent Admission Advisor Simran today

Mode of payment :Credit/ Debit/ Master card

Our deadlines are flexible and we can accept new students up until the first day of classes. Once all admissions information has been submitted and reviewed, applicants can expect confirmation of acceptance within the week. domain and /or previous academic qualification would be added advantage.

International students must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria before submitting an application to Trebas Institute. They should begin their application efforts as early as possible to receive their letter of acceptance in time and be able to obtain the documents required by the Canadian government.


  • $4000 scholarship for 2021
  • $10000 scholarship for SEA and Americas,

Other information


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  • Academics 

    • 10th 12th onwards

    • Degree / Diploma Certificate

    • Transcripts 

  • Passport Copy 

  • English Proficiency Test 


  • Work Experience 

  • Work Experience Letter

  • Copy of Study Permit

  • Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)  

    • Official /Unofficial Transcripts 

    • Letter of Enrollment of Current School

  • Processing Fee + Application Fee

    • Please Transfer to payment@admhub.ca

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