Recent update from IRCC on travel to Canada.

IRCC update

IRCC released an update on June 12, 2020, providing information on who will be allowed inside Canada right now. This is including all the restrictions in place.

Canada has announced exceptions from travel restrictions that were declared due to COVID-19. Very recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that maximum flexibility will be provided for entry of immediate family inside Canada. Regarding this, IRCC officers will have to ensure flexible processing .

Who is immediate family?

Particularly, immediate family of Canadians and permanent residents are limited to:

  • Spouses or common-law partners
  • Dependent children
  • Grandchildren
  • Parents / step-parents
  • Guardians or tutors

What are some non-optional reasons of travel?

In first place, immediate family of Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be considered to travel for non-optional reasons. Their trip to Canada should be at least 15 days long. In addition , they should be either traveling with, or will reunite with their family members.

However, foreign nationals will be responsible to demonstrate the reason of their trip.


Moreover, IRCC is also stressing its immigration officers to demonstrate flexibility in processing applications of immediate family members. Regardless, they are travelling to Canada for less than 15 days and provided their trip is non-optional.

Besides this, if you want more information, read or contact us here. In any case, our experts will be happy to help you in the most uncertain times. Above all, we are in this together. On the whole, stay connected for more updates on study and work in Canada.

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