Why studying in Montreal is a great idea?

6 Reasons why Montreal is an ideal study destination:

So you’ve decided that you want to study in Canada. What is next? Well, you have to narrow down your options even further  to select the city to study. While there are many wonderful cities both small and large in the country, studying in Montreal has definitely been one of the top contenders.

1. Vibrant Student Life

Student diversity

Montréal blends all the good things in North America with the beauty and culture found in Europe. It’s known for its laid back yet vibrant lifestyle, unique and creative industries, nightlife and café culture.

Students can choose to stroll down narrow cobblestone roads in Old Montréal, or explore modern, high-tech buildings in the downtown core. Montréal draws inspiration from many things making it a very eclectic city. All of these factors combined with the friendliness and diversity of the city make Montréal very attractive to not only international students, but also Canadian students. As a result, Montréal has one of the largest student population in the world.

2. Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Finding a place to live in your own city can be a challenge, let alone in a foreign one. You’re likely unsure of what the standard cost is, what locations are best, what is included, the list goes on. One thing to note is, student accommodation in Montréal is very affordable. In fact, the city is one of the most affordable to live in all of Canada. One key reason students enjoy it so much. Similar to most cases, the further you live from the downtown core, the cheaper your accommodations will be. 

However it is possible to find affordable housing near your host school. Often times, schools are affiliated with housing companies and help students find a home or housemates. If you plan to search the web, here are a few guidelines to help you with your house hunt.

3. Stress-free Transportation

Transporation in Montreal

Montréal, being a medium-sized city with just enough urban space to balance out the green space, has a simple transportation system. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is the local network of trains and buses that take students anywhere they need to go in the city.

Even if you face a difficulty, locals are very friendly and are always happy to help. What’s nice about Montréal is due to its high number of students, the STM offers a lower monthly fee to students under the age of 25. If you prefer an athletic route, Montréal has many bike lanes and BIXI, a bike sharing system. For a quicker commute, students are welcome to use local taxis as they are very safe and also affordable in comparison to other cities.

4. Top-Rated Education

Diversity Students Graduation Success Celebration Concept

In addition to everything that Montréal offers, it is home to some of the best educational institutions in Canada. According to a 2018 study conducted by the Quacquarelli Symonds Institute that assessed 100 international cities, Montréal placed top of the list in North American cities in which to study. It’s known to deliver a positive university experience to both local and international students. 

In consideration of Canada’s desirability as a destination, Montréal is a primary competitor. What’s so incredibly unique about the student city is it’s bilingual option. While Montréal is the second largest French-speaking country in the world (after France, of course), offering courses in the native language, students also have the option to study in English. Alternatively, students can choose a mix of courses featuring both international languages.

5. Getting PGWP

PGWP in Montreal

While private colleges in other provinces are often not eligible for a PGWP, the rule doesn’t apply to Quebec. All private colleges in Montreal are eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit as long as the length of the course is 8 months or more. 

6. Cheap tuition fees

Cheaper tuition fees

The tuition fees in private colleges in Montreal is really low as compared to other provinces. Hence, its much cheaper to study in Montreal as compared to other provinces.

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