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The Language Gallery Canada is a proud member of Global University Systems (GUS), an international network of higher-educational institutions, brought together by a shared passion for accessible, industry-relevant qualifications.

Why choose TLG?

Quality: At TLG Canada we deliver high quality programs, offering international students a great language immersion experience that will lead the student into a bright educational future.

Location: All our facilities are conveniently located in the centre of Toronto and Vancouver city.

Recognition: Our English programs are proudly recognized by more than 37 public and private institutions in Canada. The TLG Canada certificate opens the doors to higher education in Canada.

Flexibility: Students who choose to study online at our TLG Live program, can learn and advance their English skills from the comfort of their homes, with a choice of different time slots.

TLG  Canada Pathway Partners: Our University Pathway Program (UPP) is recognised by 35 Canadian universities and colleges. TLG Canada’s UPP is one of the fastest growing academic programs in Canada!


Our English programs are proudly recognized by more than 37 public and private institutions in Canada. The TLG Canada certificate opens the doors to higher education in Canada

International Students at the Language Gallery Canada

Recommended Programs in The Language Gallery

Improve your academic English skills online and gain acceptance to college or university without IELTS or TOEFL.

You will have the opportunity to practice your English not only in the classroom, but also online through our online learning platform where we will post discussions, extra exercises, and assignments. We will give you an orientation on how to make full use of this learning platform, which is accessible at all times.

Our University Pathway Program (UPP) is designed to prepare you for academic studies at Canadian Universities and Colleges. You will develop the key skills required for studying in English at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, and you will also receive consultations and regular assessments to help you succeed.

Reviews​ about The Language Gallery

Nadia Dragin

Gallery Toronto is a well-structured school where you can achieve your goal because you receive a good level of experienced teacher
Student at TSoM

Elisangela Xavier da Silva

I took a quick course of just one week but I can already have an idea of ​​the quality of the school. Note 10 for service, location and support. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
Student at TSoM

Lola Blum

The class was pretty cool, i liked to meet different people from different cultures. Also there where never to much people in one class and the teachers gave could help everyone
Student at TSoM

Ricardo Plata

I liked so much the classes, the teachers were so friendly and kind. The facilities were so comfortable to stay during the afternoon and there are computers with internet in case you have to do homework. I loved the Canadian family and their house where I stayed, they were so kind with me and helped me with everything I needed.
Student at TSoM

Entry requirements for TLG

  • Academics 

    1. 10th 12th onwards

    2. Degree / Diploma Certificate

    3. Transcripts 

  • Passport Copy 

  • Copy of Study Permit

  • Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)  

  • Processing Fee + Application Fee

    • Please Transfer to

Q&A about TLG

We use various integrated teaching methods at The Language Gallery, including task-based learning and a communicative approach. All classes are learner-centred, stimulating and encourage students to develop their communication skills, whilst equipping them with the grammar and vocabulary needed to improve their language level. They will benefit from 15, 19 or 21 hours of class time per week, and have plenty of opportunities to practise their English in real-life situations. Optional leisure activities, accompanied by teachers or a guide, allow important interaction with other students and native English speakers.

All of our teachers must, as a minimum requirement, have the internationally recognised Certificate of Teaching English (CELTA) qualification. Many of our teachers also have a DELTA, which is a postgraduate-level qualification in English language teaching. All of our teachers must have a minimum of one years’ teaching experience, and many of them have over five years’ experience. We perform rigorous background checks on all new staff and all new employees are also required to produce a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) certificate where relevant.

How do I know what my level is?

On your first day, our academic team will meet with you and you will do a test so we can make sure we put you in the right class. 

How long should I study?

You can study for as long as you like or need to reach your goalsIt normally takes 8-12 weeks to progress to the next level. 

Are the schools safe?

The Language Gallery has regular health and safety checks. Each campus has designated Welfare Officers that can help with any specific questions.

Where will I live?

The Language Gallery can help you find a place to live, we have homestay and residences available. You can also find accommodation privately, if you would like more information on this, please ask when you book your course.

How to pay my Tuition Fee

Mode of payment :Credit/ Debit/ Master card

Other information

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  • Academics 

    • 10th 12th onwards

    • Degree / Diploma Certificate

    • Transcripts 

  • Passport Copy 

  • Copy of Study Permit

  • Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)  

  • Processing Fee + Application Fee

    • Please Transfer to

Student Services at TLG

One of the best language schools in Canada. Toronto

We have a team of experts who speak over 13 languages

We understand the challenges and needs of international students, and we can communicate with you in your preferred language. We can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right college, applying for admission, obtaining a study permit, extending or changing your visa status, to settling in Canada.