Job vacancies in Canada : Trends, in-demand skills, and opportunities for graduates

Job vacancies in Canada: what international students should know about trends, in-demand skills, and opportunities

Job vacancies in Canada : Trends, in-demand skills, and opportunites for graduates

While Canada is bracing for another wave of Omicron-related COVID-19 cases, its job market is showing signs of recovery. According to a new report, job vacancies in Canada have soared to record-high numbers in the third quarter of 2021.

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1. Trends observed in job vacancies in Canada 2022

According to CIC news, Statistics Canada notes the 912,600 job vacancies in Q3 2021 was 62.1 percent higher (349,700 more jobs) than in Q3 2019; Saskatchewan accounts for the largest uptick in job vacancies in Canada, followed by Quebec and Ontario. 

Five sectors – health care, construction, accommodation and food, retail trade and manufacturing – were driving the growth in job vacancies. Increase in job vacancies can signal a number of
changes in labour market conditions existing in different sectors and regions.

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2. In-demand skills for job vacancies in Canada 2022

As StatCan reports: “The record-high job vacancies observed in recent months has focused attention on the extent to which unmet labour demand will contribute to upward pressure on wages,” it states. This is most pronounced in healthcare and social assistance, where increased economic activity is still hampered by unmet labour demands. 

According to the report, Active listening skills are deemed important in 83.9% of vacant jobs, while critical thinking skills, complex problem solving and technical skills are highly favoured in the Canadian job market. Other skills such as speaking, social perceptiveness and time management are similarly valued in Canadian jobs that need to be filled

StatsCan points out that more vacancies are available in low-wage occupations compared to high-earning jobs between the third quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2021. The reason that including the urgency to fill jobs that were left vacant when businesses resume operations in the summer of 2021 post-COVID 19 lockdowns. 

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3. Job vacancies in Canada 2022 for international graduates

For international students in Canada who are struggling with post-graduation employment, this could potentially mean applying for positions that they are overqualified for, or finding jobs in sectors that differ from their majors. Fulfilling the unmet labour demand in Canada might be the temporary solution needed before the road for a more secure, high-paying position opens up.

Current job vacancies centred in low-wage positions certainly won’t help to alleviate the unemployment crisis that foreign students are facing. They are already earning less than their local counterparts, and policies such as the post-graduate work permit (PGWP) doesn’t always guarantee a smooth-sailing transition into the Canadian workforce. 

Although the potential pay-off can be substantial if you have a Canadian degree, international students suffer many disadvantages when it comes to landing a secure long-term employment. For starters, they are often passed over for local candidates even for part-time work and internships during their studies. 

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